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WordPress widget: One down, more to go

Well that was fast. About two hours after I posted about my 2013 to-do list, I finished this. That’s what focus and micro-tasking do to me. I just wished I have many chances to be in the zone. Achieving them is challenging especially when your work and kids at home […]

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To-do list for 2013

I have tons of stuff planned out since the end of last year, and they’re mostly having to do with WordPress development. However, I had to deal with my office’s ISO certification preparation (I call them “tree-killer” activities due to the amount of physical paperwork I’m forced to deal with). […]

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Getting sh-t done the analog way

That’s the name of a system I use to organize my life. Back in the days when I was single and almost constantly in front of the computer, it seems so effortless to use and rely on my MS Outlook and my other computer- and online-based scheduling applications to get […]

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