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Blogging on mobile feels like this LolCat doodling

Mobile blogging: so hard

BAH! I say. I tried really hard to blog on my smartphone and tablet. I though I could get the hang of it. But I can’t! It’s just too hard! I’m mostly frustrated by the fact that it’s too darn difficult to copy and paste stuff to and fro the …

Blogging on mobile feels like this LolCat doodling

Must-have free app for my Android tablet: Graffiti

I’ve been looking for a decent free app that can convert my stylus writing into text, and Graffiti is my clear favourite. PalmOS users should feel at home with this app, but for me and the rest of us, it does take a little getting used to. Graffiti has its …

30-Day Blogging Challenge: okay, I’m in

I’ve given myself all sorts of excuses for not blogging more often. My favourite excuse is that I don’t have a mobile device good enough for me to use and blog in a mobile manner. I had a netbook three years ago, which made blogging a little bit easier on …