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My Posts on birthday

Celebrating the little wins: is 10. Ish.

Holy crikey, how could I have almost missed this? Technically, this website is days to being 11 years old, but a decade sounds nicer (sounding a year younger doesn’t hurt, either). This is what happens to me for not being a big fan of observing rituals like birthdays and religious […]

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Reminder to self: you are 34 today

And, yes, this is a scheduled post, because I’m almost sure to forget it. Again. Just like the rest of my birthdays since I left high school. The fact that life has been more good to me than bad says it all. Happy birthday to you, too, whenever your birth […]

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32 years young

It took me a greeting call from Citibank last week to remind me that I have my birthday coming this month. Trivia: I share the same birth day as Kelly Clarkson (24), Cedric the Entertainer (42), Jean-Paul Gaultier (54), Barbra Streisand (64) and Shirley MacLaine (72). This day in world […]

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