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To-do list for 2013

I have tons of stuff planned out since the end of last year, and they’re mostly having to do with WordPress development. However, I had to deal with my office’s ISO certification preparation (I call them “tree-killer” activities due to the amount of physical paperwork I’m forced to deal with). […]

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Accessibility Widget in

Accessibility Widget added in Plugin Directory

I’m finally making the Accessibility Widget an official plugin by registering it in the plugin repository, after much deliberation. The screenshot above was taken a couple of days ago, after receiving a note from (Ipstenu) that my plugin was being reviewed. And now that it’s up and I’ve […]

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Accessibility Widget Revived!

(Updated 18-Nov-2016) The Accessibility Widget is now updated to version 2. This major update includes a new function: tooltip. I simply added an HTML title tag so that a description appears when you move your mouse over a text controller (say, the word, “LARGE”). However, this update WILL break your […]

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