Updating MyBlogLog widget not working

MyBlogLog widget error.Once I read Andy Beard’s feed update on the latest MyBlogLog widget and seeing how cool-looking it was, I immediately rushed to my MBL dashboard and generated the widget code to add into my blog. Unfortunately, the MBL widget that I used, even after updating it according to the instructions in the MBL page, didn’t work; the new code snippet refused to save itself into the widget form. So now I am still stuck with what MLB calls its crusty old Recent Visitors widget.

If you had the same problem as I have but managed to fix the problem, please let me know how you did it.

UPDATE: The problem has been fixed, thanks to Ian and the MBL team. After Ian mentioned about the fix, I only needed to regenerate the code snippet and paste it in the MBL widget for it to work.

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