Top Commentators Widget mini update (v.1.4.2)

A quick heads-up on the latest TCW update, in line with the release of WordPress 3.1. This update also addressed the comment hijacking issue that, while wonderfully suggested and fixed by Stuff by Sarah quite a while ago (and implemented by yours truly on v.0.999a) , were not fully effective in blocking the comment spammers. Basically it’s a small rewrite of the database query, that’s all. This means that v.1.4.2 won’t affect your >=TCW 1.4 settings in any way.

Nevertheless, Top Commentators Widget v.2.0 update, to coincide with the next WordPress update (whether major or minor), will again affect your setup.

  1. The form control, i.e. what you see in the Widgets section, will be re-arranged to simplify it.
  2. Further modification on the look of your Number of Comments will be enabled.
  3. Styling of the list for CSS purposes will be improved.
  4. Addition of DIV on top of Numbered and Ordered.

I like WP 3.1. Do you?

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