Top Commentators Widget is now Extended

Top Commentators Widget finally hosted in Check it out at, my friends, the Top Commentators Widget is now officially part of Plugin Directory. I was driven to finish the setup for the widget’s hosting to, especially after seeing the built-in plugin update notifier in WordPress 2.3.

I am SO GLAD I finally completed what I had planned to do since June, but as you have read in my previous post, the tedious work that is Subversion was what made me chickened out of doing so sooner. I’m grateful that Ronald at Weblog Tools Collection did that tutorial on TortoiseSVN and explained in painstaking details how I should go about setting everything up. The slightly intimidating part of hosting in was actually the preparation of the ReadMe file — I’m glad the WordPress team prepared a readme validator to make sure I formatted it well.

Of course, I’ll still be maintaining the Top Commentators Widget page in my blog, but I’ll recommend everyone to start visiting the Top Commentator Widget in as the information in that page is more easy on the eyes.

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