The potential of NetAudioAds

I know I must be one of the last persons on Earth to find out about this newest addition to the pay-per-play monetizing scheme. I have just signed up for NetAudioAds (affiliate) after reading one of the e-mails from one favourite affiliate program of mine. Its founding company, V2P Communications, was even featured in a Wall Street Journal article on NetAudioAds as well as other ad programs by Google and

I’m intrigued as to how pay-per-play would perform on my blog, although I expect its monetizing performance would almost match pay-per-click programs. I have only around 2,000 unique visits a month, and from what I’ve experienced with pay-per-clicks and its cousin programs, I shouldn’t be expecting too much moolah coming in with that kind of traffic, regardless of what my Google PageRank is. If you are like me, chances are you may not care much for annoying text ads, let alone a talking one. My biggest worry is that my blog’s loading time increases as more multimedia-based ads are shown. Doesn’t hurt to check it out for a few months, though; passive incomes are always worth the try.

Here’s the sales pitch page of the NetAudioAds program which should answer some of the general questions we may have. If you haven’t signed up, you may want to do so now (normal link here or affiliate link here) before its launch date on February 1.

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