Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008 is over

It’s a miracle that I even got the chance to go to SBG’08 last night, as my better half finally decided that he’ll look after the kids. Since I don’t have a digicam, I had to make do with my humble Nokia N70 camphone. The picture quality leaves much to be desired, so understandably I didn’t take any picture.

Well, maybe just a couple.

The far side where the cool people sat.

My side of the room where the less cool people sat, the exception being Gaman (, my money-making guru.

Or three.

Aleaf and Ricardo shares my sad corner.

Or four.

Boogey on the dance floor with Terry Peter and his posse.

These are just sad, sad photos. I’m just waiting for other bloggers who attended to upload their photos so that I can just leech those from ’em *sigh*.

One of my main purposes of coming to this gathering is for networking, and I vowed to myself that I would shake hands with every single one of them. Which I didn’t. The large crowd and loud music made it almost impossible. Still, I’d like to believe that I did manage to know a lot of them, compared to last year’s gathering. Nice to see familiar faces, and great to know new ones. We have great sponsors, too!

So, a shout out to the organizers and those I chatted to personally (in no particular order): Elphege and Ben Godomon, Gaman, Joneh, Aleaf, Pai, Ricardo (who happens to be my “uncle” whom I haven’t seen in a long time), Echah and hubby, Eshark, Emelda, Gallivanter, Jacq, Wei Chuen, Fara, Julian, Sumardi, Nur, Robb, “Chegu” Carol, Josie, Margaret, Ratu Syura, Shemah, Clement, Dan, Angriani, Zach, Shueqry, Maya, LadyMariah, … oh I swear I missed around 20 or more people with their cool names! This list will grow I promise.

I hope the socializing will continue through our blogs, and I look forward to another Sabahan Bloggers Gathering next year!

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