PayPal withdrawals to credit card update: Completed

So far so good on PayPal’s side. Screen shot of withdrawal status to my Citibank Visa credit card. Just a quick update to show that PayPal has completed processing my withdraw request to my Citibank Visa card. It took approximately 24 hours for PayPal to do so, and that’s not bad at all. My Citibank statement doesn’t show anything yet, and from my experience it will take them at least three business days before the new balance is reflected in my account.

If everything is smooth sailing with my funds, I have huge plans for this dear ol’ credit card of mine 🙂 But seriously, this opens up a big opportunity to e-commerce particularly in Sabah. Students in my E-commerce class at Open University Malaysia asked me every once in a while concerning the best ways to accept payment online for their budding business, an I’ve been recommending 2CheckOut and especially PayPal (and a workaround to accepting withdrawals), the latter due to its ease of accepting micropayments. Now that prepaid credit cards and debit cards are readily available, plus this cheap new PayPal feature, I can now see a further boost in electronic business in this state — if this isn’t easy enough for them, then I don’t know what else is.

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