Paid to blog — is it right for you?

Paid blogging is the single most easiest form of online money making I have ever encountered, and I bet almost everyone else agrees with me, even Isaiah of can attest to that.

However, as I read one of his post about his experience blogging and how he got started with pay to blog programs, it also reminded me that this may not be suitable for everyone. I’ve been pushing my husband, sisters and little brother to get involved with blogging for almost a year now as a way of making money online, since they spent so much time on the Internet playing MMORPGs. However, none of them made a move, or at least not as serious as I. They definitely have some ideas of what to blog about, but my husband told me that he doesn’t really know how.

Paid to blog — is it for you?Don’t know, or don’t care? Let me be honest, ideas are everywhere as long as you have the capacity to think, so that shouldn’t be a reason for you not to blog. And I’m pretty sure my husband knows how to blog because he sees me doing it every day, and he’s a systems analyst.

I finally deduced that he, as well as my other siblings, didn’t care to blog, and I am assuming that’s because he’s not really passionate about writing. If sharing your thoughts and ideas out to the world through writing content doesn’t turn you on (no, not THAT way!), then even when you have started blogging down the road, you won’t last that long because you lack the passion to share in words.

There are ways of making money — offline and online — other than blogging, that’s for sure. But just like getting paid to blog, these stuff take effort. Most importantly, though, is that you have to take action. Stop thinking about it, and just go do it.

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