One Post A Day (OPAD) Challenge 2009

Starting today, I’m going on a personal blogging challenge — to post once a day for the next 30 days, and it’s not unlike the challenge I took last year. My reasons for doing this again are:

  1. To revive traffic to Lord knows how much neglect this blog has suffered due to my greed to make money blogging! (Though I gotta tell you, the time spent focusing on just that has been totally worth it!) My previous OPAD challenge managed to bring me a 70% surge in new visitors — I’m not sure about the subscriber conversion rate, but I’ll keep an eye on it this time.
  2. To churn out content that could turn out to be gems and traffic generators for this blog. I highlighted a few of these posts when I did a 2008 review of my blog. These topics continue to give me lots of search engine hits till now.
  3. To go back to what I love the most — just plain ol’ blogging on matters that don’t matter 😉 After all those effort on making money online, it’s time for me to come back as the WebGrrrl that I am and share my Web and online findings with you and anyone else who cares to read this blog.

I actually planned on starting this challenge yesterday, 1 June 2009, but seeing that it was a public holiday in my state, I thought I might as well do it today.

Before I forget, allow me to show off my latest blogging ammunition:

My blogging ammunition My netbook

Consisting of a 3G modem, a laser optical wireless mouse, and my handy-dandy netbook the size of my two palms and leopard-skinned to show the Grrrl side of me (thanks, honey!). Two pesky robbers broke into my apartment and stole my old laptop, but the police managed to capture those buggers after almost a month. Sans the old laptop and RM15,000 worth of other stuff, of course.

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My strategy is to do lots and lots of scheduled postings, as I’ll probably do them during the late nights when I’m not so tired from my work, house chores, kids, more money making activities, Facebook-ing, and MCSE classes. I’ll also take this chance to (honest to goodness this time) launch Blogging Fu and Looking For Niches blogs by spreading some content around there while I’m at this challenge. Who knows — I may even re-launch with a new look and a new focus as well!

Care to join me? Leave a comment if you’re doing a similar challenge, and I might even do a review of your blog or post!

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