One favourite time-saving plugin: Instant Upgrade

Instant Upgrade: Upgrade your WordPress-Installation with one simple click.

This is one of the plugins in my blog I could never live without. I installed it just before I went into a blog hiatus about 3 months ago. I used to do my WordPress upgrades manually, by FTPing to and fro my server. Instant Upgrade helps me to do that in about 0.001 seconds. The interesting part about this plugin is its ability to downgrade to a lower version of WordPress should you choose to do so, although I haven’t personally tested it myself for fear of a database screw-up.

Alex Günsche did a good work on this simple plugin. I’m sure there’s a few more WP upgrade plugins out there that works as well or better than Instant Upgrade, and I have tried two others, both didn’t work at all.

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