New and improved Blog of Rugrats coming soon

After reading the comments from Ben and PapaJoneh concerning whether or not I should get a new domain for my baby blog, I’ve decided on getting a new domain at Blog Of Rugrats. Now it’s just a matter of creating a customised theme which I plan to build from scratch. To do so, I’m currently reading the WordPress theme tutorial at as well as a little bit of referencing from

The first couple of months may be easy for me in terms of adding content to the Blog of Rugrats, as I plan to copy-and-paste over the content from the old blog in Friendster once every few weeks. I’m still concerned with putting my children’s photos online, although I plan to continue making The Blog of Rugrats as a mix of posts and photoblog. Maybe there’s a WordPress plugin out there somewhere that can limit viewing of uploaded photos to a select few, while still displaying the posts that come with it.

If you have any suggestions as to how I can solve this dilemma, I’d appreciate some feedback.

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Posted on 21 January, 2008 under Discovering WordPress, Life online and tagged with ,

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