My WordPress theme journey — Part 3

(Read Part 2 first?)

Okay, so I’m sitting in front of my laptop with a mug of of my good ol’ hot drink, looking at the two-column CSS layout I’ve just selected for my new Blog of The Rugrats site. My next step was to choose a colour scheme for the theme. You can look for sites that list out some colour combinations you can use, such as the choices that can be found at, or do it the way I did, which was to use the search engine to look for recommendations on the best colour combinations specifically for children- and kids-related web site. I eventually found a rec that said green and purple seems to be a very attractive combination for children’s web site, so I stuck with it. I also browsed around Template Monster and other blog and template directory sites and look at children’s web site sets to get more inspiration. I found a few sites I liked, especially one Blogger-based design that has some sticky-tape concept added to it, which I liked. I kept those ideas in mind or just made a quick jot in my handy dandy notebook.

Next, I went looking for some simple yet still unique graphics to use, and my favourite place to find free graphics is at Microsoft Office’s Clip Art Library. Armed with a collection of potential clip arts now stored in my clip art library, I opened my Adobe Photoshop program, created a 800×600 sized canvas and did my layout testing there first, before splicing the necessary graphics for use in Microsoft FrontPage.


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