My WordPress theme journey — Part 1

I think I finally got the knack for creating WordPress themes and templates, so I felt like sharing my experience as well as listing the resources that I use to learn how to create my very own WordPress themes (actually, it’s also a part of my effort to fulfill the One Page A Day challenge I took recently, so I’m also breaking this post into three parts). Who knows, maybe it would inspire those of us interested in doing your very own WordPress theme but don’t know where to start.

I started dabbling with WordPress theme when I wanted to modify the default Kubrick theme and insert my own header graphic. At the same time, I was learning the basics of using WordPress Template Tags, which is to this day a site I always refer to when building my theme. At this time, a little bit of CSS knowledge is also useful to have, because of the Kubrick theme’s heavy reliance on it.

I realized, once I was done with changing the header graphic, that at the end I don’t really have to know programming to modify a WordPress theme, but only the motivation and the guts to do those changes (I know some of us are very hesitant to edit a WordPress theme for fear of breaking the design, but as Nike said — just do it). I also realized that sandboxing is a very, very, very good thing 😀

(Read Part 2 for the continuation)

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