Mobile blogging: so hard

BAH! I say.

I tried really hard to blog on my smartphone and tablet. I though I could get the hang of it.

But I can’t! It’s just too hard!

I’m mostly frustrated by the fact that it’s too darn difficult to copy and paste stuff to and fro the apps. I want the feel of both my hands controlling whatever content I want to paste into my post. Tapping with my fingers just ain’t enough.

Blogging on mobile feels like this LolCat doodling

Blogging on mobile feels like this LolCat doodling

Putting pictures into my posts is another thing. I don’t care if I can upload images to my server; I still want those pictures hotlinked from my Flickr account. The browsers in my tablet are giving me a hard time with it.

I miss my netbook. And my wireless mouse. And XAMPP. I want to code while I blog.

For now, it’s impossible to do so via my tablet.


Why does my Acer One netbook battery have to be so expensive?

Until I get a new battery, I’m gonna hang on to blogging with a tablet and smartphone for a few more frustrating months. I honestly can’t wait, but I’ll have to, for now.

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