Look what I brought home from the KK Bloggers Meet

A Nuffnang-sponsored latest Bon Jovi CD, my winning entrance ticket, and my uniquely written name sticker, souvenirs from the KK Bloggers meet on 6 July 2007.

The Winning Pose. PapaJoneh did the honours of presenting the prize. Photo by Julian (http://81lions.blogspot.com/).I’m not going to post much on the event, knowing that my other blogging buddies will do a better job of transcribing the craziness that was going on. I do have a few notes to share:

  • I was glad I had someone to talk to; I was worried I would end up looking silly and looking like a dodo just sitting by myself and playing with my son (thanks Josie and Rachel).
  • My son apparently had more fun than me last night.
  • Surprisingly I found out that I know more bloggers there than I was hoping, which was cool.
  • I almost shrieked when the boat started to move. I had deja-vu of my 6 hours in a stranded Labuan ferry during a fierce rainstorm flashing in front of me.
  • Jefferi C. (whom I called our unofficial “official photographer”), was the first person to blog and put photos of our gathering. I stole one of his photos below. Check out the rest of the photos in his blog.

Group photo of KK Bloggers Gathering 06 July 2007. Photo by Jefferi C. (http://talkoutmamind.blogspot.com/)

A shout out to these people from making the KK Bloggers Meet a success: Daniel@Gallivanter and Jacq@Caneeliea (P1, P2, P3) for organizing the gig; Pirates of Borneo for their very accommodating service and for distributing Novomins to some of us sea-sick, sad folks; Nuffnang for sponsoring the goodies for our lucky draw; and last but not least, the bloggers and aspiring bloggers who made the meet merrier: Josie@kupi, Rachel C., Jeffrey@mrBadak, BenGodomon, PapaJoneh, Jefferi C. (P1, P2, P3), Jewelle, Julian, Murphy@mySabah, Melissa@Friday Cat, Wei Chuen, Debbie@Lady Stiletto, Faizal Heesyam@Pai, Ned, Anthony & Siew Ling, nyst.wysrt, Jimmy, Lionel, LaViaP, Zie, Olieee and … (I plan to put in the whole list of people I can remember, but my two little commanders demand my attention NOW, so I’ll get back to this list pretty soon.)

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