Is LinkWorth worth it to you?

LinkWorth logoNot on my blog. The two main reasons why I signed up for LinkWorth was the option to manage my ad sales, and the ability to do sponsored post. LinkWorth looks very much like a combination of Blogsvertise and TextLinkAds, but based on my 4 months of experience using it, not only is LinkWorth a confusing system to use, but my income on that programme is nada.

So today I decided to remove LinkWorth’s tracking code from my site for good. I’m reaching an income of almost a thousand US bucks in total by using Blogsvertise, and TextLinkAds has given me a decent passive income of around USD 20 a month, so removing LinkWorth is totally not a loss to me.

Would you mind sharing your LinkWorth’s success or failure to me, if you’re using it?

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