I have a young brain — how old is yours?

A fellow Giuk.net member Joan gave a heads-up on a simple but nifty online Japanese game that attempts to guess the age of your brain. You don’t really need to read its Japanese-written instructions to know how to play it.

Mm… maybe you do.

1. Once the Flash game loads, click Start.
2. It will count down from 3 to 1.
3. In just one second, you’ll see a set of number placed randomly, and you need to memorize it.
4. Once it’s blanked out, you need to click the number in sequence, from the smallest number to the largest number.
5. When you get 3 incorrect attempts, it will finally give you your score, i.e. the age of your brain.

I was scored 4 years younger than my actual age, woohoo!

Nah, don’t take it too serious, it’s just a game. Even if you scored 44 when you’re actually 25, so what? *runs away and guffaws*

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