How to solve cPanel’s “Domain already exists, it was not added” problem

I encountered this error about 6 months ago, when trying to add a domain to my unlimited domains hosting account:

Error from domain wrapper: Domain already exists, it was not added.: <>

You get this error sometimes, when you are hosted using the wonderful cPanel. What happened to me was:

  1. I parked which redirects automatically to
  2. Once I was ready to let have its proper site, I deleted the domain from Parked Domains panel, and added it back via the Addon Domains panel.
  3. I get the Domain Already Exists error, even though it was not listed in the Addon Domains, nor was it listed in the Parked Domains panel confirming that it indeed has been deleted.

You can also get this error if you have just deleted a domain from the Addon Domains instead of Parked Domains, and then tried to add it back in again.

I googled for a solution at that time, but none was provided. So, I had to contact WPWebHost’s support superguy Foress and asked to fix it, which he amazingly did in just minutes even though the request was made via e-mail.

Only today, while installing some blogs for others, did I realize that this is actually a pretty easy problem to solve.

  1. In cPanel, go to your Subdomains panel.
  2. Find one that looks like the domain you’ve just deleted; in my case, it was
  3. Delete that subdomain.
  4. Now go back and add that domain in your Addon Domains or Parked Domains list.

And yeah, that should work.

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