Help me name my new WordPress plugin

I mentioned before that one of my goals slash New Year’s resolutions for is to create a new WordPress plugin that can support the GEDCOM data scheme to create a genealogy (family tree) site powered by WordPress. I plan to start it within this week.

Here’s my predicament — I can’t come up with a snazzy name for this plugin, so can you help me? Please vote or suggest a name using the poll form below and even let me know what you’re expecting from this plugin. Deadline? I guess this poll will be open until I’m ready to put out an alpha version of it, probably in 3-5 months’ time.

The poll above contains a few titles I’ve been playing around with. That WordPress TNG thing is actually a reference to my favorite Star Trek series, The Next Generation. Sure it sounds a little tacky, but I think it’s funny, and funny is always a good thing, heh.

Any help with digging this and adding to your social network sites will be much appreciated 🙂

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