Good Malaysian blogs

I read a post in of Gaman’s 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia, hopped onto the post, and one site caught my interest so I went to visit it.

It amazes me when Malaysian stars like Afdlin Shauki starts blogging, it makes them look more — how should I say it? — human? Maybe no one realizes this, but when you’re famous, you become some sort of a demi-god, super-normal, and untouchable. Then suddenly Afdlin has a blog, and BAMM! Hello reality, and I am not from an alien planet and I and he are indeed human, ladadidadida, and yes, that crash did hurt, and Afdlin is still the funniest Malaysian on Earth.

p.s. If you’re a Sabahan and you have a blog but you haven’t registered in (created and maintained by my good friend, Jeff @ MrBadak), then where have you been?! Go sign up. Now!!

p.p.s. Gaman, while you’re at it, why not make a post on the 50 most influential blogs in Sabah? Hah 🙂

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