Free way to really save money in electricity bills

My recent bloghopping led me to’s post of how to save money in electricity bills in Malaysia. The post recommends that you use a power-saving gadget to lower the cost. The gadget itself costs around RM350, which I’m sure is a good investment in the long run if the gadget does work.

However, there is an easier and FREE way to save in electricity bills. It’s a technique that I use and works without fail, doesn’t require any gadget, and applicable wherever you are in the world.

The key is to eliminate what is called “phantom power”, whereby any appliance or charger left plugged into an electric socket, even though switched off and not in use, continually uses bits of electricity. An accumulation of these phantom power are still counted towards your electricity bill and causes you to have to pay extra for energy you’re not utilizing in the first place.

So, how do you eliminate phantom power? Easy. Just unplug your appliances and chargers once you’re done. That’s it! The only appliance I leave on 24/7 is my refrigerator. If you read my post concerning my experience eliminating phantom power, you’d be motivated to do so yourself, since I saved almost 25% off my bill, the same amount that the power-saving gadget claims to help you save.

Sounds good, yeah?

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