Cheer up with some funny sites

I almost religiously lurk a few sites daily to give me a happy boost, so I thought I’d share it with you a few of my favourites. You can never go wrong with reading, a site full of comics parodying life with the Internet and everything else. They like to tag themselves as the unofficial comic of the blogosphere, so it’s no surprise that they even have a plugin that you can use if you own your blog, so that you can display frequent doses of humour in your otherwise bland site. I used to have the plugin in my site till it stopped working for some unknown reason.

Humorous PicturesIf you’re not laughing at the photos known as LOLCats posted in I Can Has Cheezburger, then you must not have a single funny bone in you. Even my 7-year old son gets a laugh out of the captions. The best thing about this is that you can subscribe to its feed so that you can get the latest LOLs every time the site updates itself. You’ll be glad you subscribe, too, because the site updates itself at least daily.

Flickr is another treasure trove full of interesting pictures. I often do a search on funny photos by keying in the word “funny” in the search form, and I’ll get to see some cool photos such as this photo of the notice board directed at dogs — “Attention Dogs: Grrrrr, bark, woof. Good dog.”

For a slightly more adult humour on computers, IT and everything else digital, I go to Geekologie. It was this site that pointed me to the crazy Japanese slapping game, and recently it even featured a high-tech prophylactic that makes music! Sure would come in handy if you’re ever the person that gets easily bored while in action.

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