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Going nostalgic; “restoring” my old website at Tripod and Geocities

I sometimes back up and sort out files in my computer as a symbol of my need to sort my scatterbrain. It’s my way of procrastinating what actually needs to be done. When I retired my old sites at Tripod (and earlier on at Geocities), I didn’t actually delete any file …


My blog management strategies for 2016

I’m excited to start off this year with a renewed motivation to blog as much as possible. The past few years have been challenging for me on the blogging front, which I found surprising since I have never been more productive in my life. Everything took a drastic turn since …

Doge Piss

Next time, don’t spam the comments

Yeah, just because my Google pagerank is 4 (which may be measly to a few, but not too bad to many people), doesn’t mean that this is a perfect place for you to spam on my blog comments. And you’re not being smart, either, if you think that gaming the …


Trying out Medium

I’ve just created my first post on Medium, and the experience is wonderful. It’s almost like what I would imagine it to be like with Ghost, although to be honest I’ve never tried the latter. Too bad I can’t post via a smartphone. I don’t see a mobile app for … Refocused

I’m so glad I subscribe to my own feed

… because, yes, I’ve been hacked. Thanks, whoever you are, from Japan. THANK YOU FRACKING MUCH. My last clean back up was in early April this year. Guess when I started actively blogging again? Late April, that’s when. Great. What I’m doing now is painstakingly copying and pasting the other …


I finally found a question I can answer on Quora

And Marc Bodnick upvoted it. Ngah-ngah-ngah *speechless*. Read Quote of Lorna Timbah’s answer to College and University Students: What are the most surprising things encountered by a foreign student going to the US for the first time? on Quora I finally found a question I can answer on Quora was …


Awesome-est text troll stories

… can be found at one of Quora’s posts. Quora is easily becoming my favourite time-wasting online spot. Quora makes me laugh, cry, wonder in amazement, and does wonderful things to my heart and brain. Back to the story at hand, when asked “What are some of the funniest text …

Yii: “yes, it is” the perfect PHP framework for me

I’ve been learning to develop web applications using the CakePHP framework for over a year now. Suffice to say, I haven’t succeeded in building a complete app with it, as much as I tried. CakePHP makes me feel like a total n00b, so much so that it’s embarrassing. Customizing and …