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You don’t blog anymore, do you?

As a good web developer ought to do, I run sporadic checks on broken or obsolete links in my blog by analysing my error logs in Google Webmasters Tool. So it went that one of the pages reporting many invalid links was one of my posts about Sabahan bloggers gathering […]

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What an awesome year

I can’t believe 2015 is already drawing to a close in just a couple of weeks. I made a brief recap of my year in a friends-only Facebook post of mine. TL;DR, I’ll just describe my year in one single word: wow. It’s not that everything was doing well for […]

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On blogging again and redefining web development

I’m back on my blog (yeah, right)! My last post was on September 2014. For someone who claims to love blogging, a year’s gap between blog posts sure doesn’t look like I walk the talk. The usual excuses apply. I don’t regret not updating my blog one bit. However, all […]

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Design sprint at Google Community Summit Asia 2014

Design Sprint the Google[x] way

I realised that my anxiousness about travelling to the two-day Google Community Summit Asia 2014 was less about being on a plane, and more to do with one of the activities that was to run during the event: Co[de]sign for Sri Lanka. We were e-mailed about it weeks before the […]

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Scowl / Death Stare of an INTJ

I don’t blame my INTJ-ness

I don’t blame my INTJ-ness

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My life is rocking.

Hello, blog!

How’ve you been? Yeah, things have been a little dusty on the blogging front. When life happens, priorities need to be re-analysed and re-ordered. Which means that I need to have a better strategy or process in place to keep this blogging muscle going. Which, most probably means that I […]

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On DevFest and community

On GDG DevFest Kota Kinabalu 2013 and building a community

I’m super-excited for GDG DevFest KK 2013! Not only is this my first time establishing a community, but this also marks my first time organising a big event. Of course, I’m not doing this alone, both in terms of the community and the event itself. Thank God all the GDG […]

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GDG Program Logo

Google Developer Group now in Kota Kinabalu

When life gives you lemons, grab the tequila and have a party. That’s what I’ve been doing to my life lately. And what better way to go at it than to spend on efforts I’m most passionate about? I’m a simple citizen developer. I don’t have a Computer Science degree, […]

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I was looking through my cross stitch niche site when it reminded me of one thing — I miss blogging so much. Whenever I wanted to blog, though, I immediately thought of all the WordPress projects I needed to continue, or when I do have time, I would forget, and […]

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A quote on closure by Berrack Sarikaya

My lowest of low

Definition of closure (noun [mass noun]) an act or process of closing something, especially an institution, thoroughfare, or frontier, or of being closed; (in a legislative assembly) a procedure for ending a debate and taking a vote; a sense of resolution or conclusion at the end of an artistic work; […]

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Google Business Group Kota Kinabalu Logo

Launch of Google Business Group Kota Kinabalu

I was pretty excited to hear about the initiative to have a Google Business Group (GBG) in Kota Kinabalu, when the idea was brought up by Daniel Doughty during our chat last November (he’s also the brains behind the Borneo Colour events). Therefore I made a point not to miss […]

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Sabah rubber price widget

WordPress widget: One down, more to go

Well that was fast. About two hours after I posted about my 2013 to-do list, I finished this. That’s what focus and micro-tasking do to me. I just wished I have many chances to be in the zone. Achieving them is challenging especially when your work and kids at home […]

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