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Great Success

Setting up SFTP-only access with SSH Key authentication on CentOS

I’m not overly crazy about server environment setups, but I’m always up for an adventure when it comes to tinkering open source systems. I had the opportunity to help a client transition themselves from outsourcing their ICT services to taking control of these services internally. As the title of this blog post suggests, I spent […]

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Screencap of the simple settings required to make SHP to MySQL work.

Importing raw SHP files into MySQL

Geospatial datastores in MySQL is totally possible, as I’ve recently learned, thanks to my involvement in the 2014 Sri Lanka design sprint for Google community managers. I was glad that the researchers in charge of analysing the dengue epidemic in the country was generous enough to include the MySQL shapefiles […]

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Design sprint at Google Community Summit Asia 2014

Design Sprint the Google[x] way

I realised that my anxiousness about travelling to the two-day Google Community Summit Asia 2014 was less about being on a plane, and more to do with one of the activities that was to run during the event: Co[de]sign for Sri Lanka. We were e-mailed about it weeks before the […]

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A n00b’s setup for Python web development

I have finally gone into Python web development, as I’m feeling a little tired of waiting for many of Google APIs support for PHP going out of beta since forever. Knowing that using my trusty USBWebServer + Dropbox combo won’t do it for Python (and my peaking interest for MongDB), […]

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Mockup / Prototype Preview as a Portfolio and Am I Responsive magic

I haven’t updated my web development portfolio in a while. So when a couple of clients asked me for one, I started to look for a portfolio format to showcase my work which is now tending towards responsive designs. It was timely that +Taylor Ling provided the Android community with […]

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On DevFest and community

On GDG DevFest Kota Kinabalu 2013 and building a community

I’m super-excited for GDG DevFest KK 2013! Not only is this my first time establishing a community, but this also marks my first time organising a big event. Of course, I’m not doing this alone, both in terms of the community and the event itself. Thank God all the GDG […]

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WordPress and Open Source CMS on Sabah Government Websites 2012

Another annual assessment of Malaysian federal and state government websites by MSC Malaysia has passed. Compared to last year with just 5 websites, open source CMSes — mainly Joomla, Drupal and WordPress –- are utilized by a whopping 14 sites in the Top 20-ranked Sabah ministries/departments/agencies. And, as you can […]

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Quick Guide to the Yii Framework: basic app development

(Updated on 7/9/2012) Install Yii Download Yii. Unpack Yii into server. Note: Yii doesn’t need to be installed in htdocs. Set up a new application/project Open the command line editor. Change the directory to %<Yii root dir>/framework. Type the following (<WebRoot> = main web folder, <appfolder> = folder where you’ll […]

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Blogging on mobile feels like this LolCat doodling

My HTC Desire and Canon PIXMA saved the day

The time-sucking effort that is ISO preparation caused me to lose more than a month’s worth of blogging time. Nevertheless, I learned something new within that period that delighted the computer nerd in me, all thanks to my handy-dandy Android phone and my WiFi-capable home printer. My HTC Desire HD […]

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Frameworks and backends

Yii: “yes, it is” the perfect PHP framework for me

I’ve been learning to develop web applications using the CakePHP framework for over a year now. Suffice to say, I haven’t succeeded in building a complete app with it, as much as I tried. CakePHP makes me feel like a total n00b, so much so that it’s embarrassing. Customizing and […]

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How-to: Using MS Excel to count if number is within range

I’d like to think that I’m a power user when it comes to using Microsoft Excel, but I do need help from time to time, especially when it comes to automating calculations and tabulating data. COUNTIF (as well as its counterpart COUNTIFS) is one of my favourite functions in Excel, […]

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DynDNS web server port forward on XAMPP: my quick-and-dirty method

Free tools and services such as XAMPP and DynDNS are an absolute blessing for me particularly when I need to develop my web apps and test them under development mode. Last year, I successfully set my home web server running on XAMPPLite to be accessible via DynDNS so that I […]

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