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WordPress as a Mini Site: 2017 edition

I blogged about how to use WordPress as a squeeze page back in 2012, which is pretty outdated. Therefore, I think it’s time for me to post an updated version of it. Many of the links, especially my demo page, have been taken down. And, honestly, it’s one fugly demo […]

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Wildcard DNS subdomain setting in cPanel

Migrating a single WordPress site to a multisite

Being a total bum when it comes to saving cost on web hosting and such, I decided to combine a couple of my existing WordPress sites onto a single account. Consider this as if you’re non-technically hacking the one-website-one-database only limitation on your webhosting service, by running multiple website instances, then using subdomains and […]

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Harsh, but understandable from WordPress Foundation’s point of view. bans Themeforest members from participating in official WordCamp gatherings by @harrisonweber — TNW (@TheNextWeb) January 23, 2013 In fact, I’m expecting ALL of the WordPress theme and plugin developers registered under the Envato umbrella, like Jake Caputo, are banned […]

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Sabah rubber price widget

WordPress widget: One down, more to go

Well that was fast. About two hours after I posted about my 2013 to-do list, I finished this. That’s what focus and micro-tasking do to me. I just wished I have many chances to be in the zone. Achieving them is challenging especially when your work and kids at home […]

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WordPress and Open Source CMS on Sabah Government Websites 2012

Another annual assessment of Malaysian federal and state government websites by MSC Malaysia has passed. Compared to last year with just 5 websites, open source CMSes — mainly Joomla, Drupal and WordPress –- are utilized by a whopping 14 sites in the Top 20-ranked Sabah ministries/departments/agencies. And, as you can […]

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To-do list for 2013

I have tons of stuff planned out since the end of last year, and they’re mostly having to do with WordPress development. However, I had to deal with my office’s ISO certification preparation (I call them “tree-killer” activities due to the amount of physical paperwork I’m forced to deal with). […]

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3 Lessons Learned from my Hacked WordPress blog

3 Lessons Learned from my Hacked WordPress blog

Back story The 12th November hacking incident wasn’t the first for The first hacking incident happened around 2010 right after I banned the IP of a disgruntled commentor for my post on the lotto e-mail scam. A simple IP denial via cPanel was enough to stop it.     The […]

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I’m so glad I subscribe to my own feed

… because, yes, I’ve been hacked. Thanks, whoever you are, from Japan. THANK YOU FRACKING MUCH. My last clean back up was in early April this year. Guess when I started actively blogging again? Late April, that’s when. Great. What I’m doing now is painstakingly copying and pasting the other […]

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Accessibility Widget in

Accessibility Widget added in Plugin Directory

I’m finally making the Accessibility Widget an official plugin by registering it in the plugin repository, after much deliberation. The screenshot above was taken a couple of days ago, after receiving a note from (Ipstenu) that my plugin was being reviewed. And now that it’s up and I’ve […]

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WordPress As A Proxy Site: 30-Day Blogging Challenge day 3

The WordPress developer community keeps making awesome plugins and giving them away for free. Recently, I came upon one nifty plugin which allows you to set up your WordPress installation as a proxy website. What is a proxy site? The word “proxy” can be defined as an act of substituting […]

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Types of Mini Sites diagram

WordPress as a Minisite – Squeeze Page: 30-day Blogging Challenge day 2

NOTE: This post is outdated, and many of the links and demo have been removed. Check out my newer post on WordPress as a minisite for updates. Old post follows. A commenter in one of my posts mentioned about building minisites using WordPress, which got me interested to do a […]

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Blog Aggregator: how to create one with WordPress, part 4

(This is a re-post from my now-defunct website, BloggingFu) Before we go to Step 4, it is imperative that you have properly set up both your contact form and autoblogging plugins (MM Forms and WP-O-Matic respectively) as mentioned in the previous tutorial. What I’m really trying to say is: You […]

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