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IconFinder logo.Here is another site I’ve dug up as a result of my bloghopping. Months ago, Online Tech Tips mentioned about IconFinder, a search engine that does what it says it does — find icons. And, surprisingly, after months since I last visited it, the engine is still in beta. Will they ever move to a stable version? Nonetheless, the free icons you can find there are very impressive in terms of its design and quality. I like the fact that for every icon listed, you also have the option to download that icon in different sizes, just ready for you to select. The engine also allows any user to add tags to the icons to improve its meta info.

The best feature of IconFinder, as pointed out by Online Tech Tips, is the fact that while you enter your keywords into its search form, IconFinder immediately provides you with other suggested keywords related to your search. This list appears right below the search text box, and makes it convenient for you to click on those words if you’re interested in using those suggestions.

What I’d like to see in IconFinder is a way for me to find icons within the same sets, for example if I find a Home button image that I like, I would also like to get a link to other similar button images that match the Home button theme.

My browser bookmark de-cluttering resumes….

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