Be generous without spending a cent

A comment by eJabs gave me a wonderful idea! If you’re a commentor on my blog and have AdSense in your site, don’t forget to put your URL in. I’ll definitely reciprocate your visit, and if I like your posts, I promise you I will click at least once per visit as a sign of gratitude. Besides, how hard can it be? So, drop by often, you hear 🙂

In times like this, I should slap myself on the head several times for not doing this earlier. So, a shoutout to eJabs: THANKS FOR THAT NIFTY IDEA!

I realize that so far, ALL of my commentors have superb blogs. That’s why I’m proud to put the Top Commentators widget on top of my sidebar so that I can simply click on their sites whenever I feel like surfing the Web (or as I put it glamorously — Web traversing). I’m not gonna touch my Blogroll, because it’s strictly for links to my own web sites.

My next WP mission: to build a links page similar to MrBadak’s Friends page.

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