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Blogging on the blockchain

I’ve been blogging exclusively at for the past two weeks, every day save for a couple of days. I even ended up making my first vlog. Well, sort of vlog, because it was partly me vlogging, and partly me going kara-zy on Smule. The vlog was meant to be […]

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Celebrating the little wins: is 10. Ish.

Holy crikey, how could I have almost missed this? Technically, this website is days to being 11 years old, but a decade sounds nicer (sounding a year younger doesn’t hurt, either). This is what happens to me for not being a big fan of observing rituals like birthdays and religious […]

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WordPress as a Mini Site: 2017 edition

I blogged about how to use WordPress as a squeeze page back in 2012, which is pretty outdated. Therefore, I think it’s time for me to post an updated version of it. Many of the links, especially my demo page, have been taken down. And, honestly, it’s one fugly demo […]

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old portfolio screen shot

Going nostalgic; “restoring” my old website at Tripod and Geocities

I sometimes back up and sort out files in my computer as a symbol of my need to sort my scatterbrain. It’s my way of procrastinating what actually needs to be done. When I retired my old sites at Tripod (and earlier on at Geocities), I didn’t actually delete any file […]

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Great Success

Setting up SFTP-only access with SSH Key authentication on CentOS

I’m not overly crazy about server environment setups, but I’m always up for an adventure when it comes to tinkering open source systems. I had the opportunity to help a client transition themselves from outsourcing their ICT services to taking control of these services internally. As the title of this blog post suggests, I spent […]

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My gripe about tooling in modern web development

This is a post I’ve always wanted to blog about. A development workflow should always prioritize speed. A production workflow should always prioritize correctness. — Sam Saccone & Matt Gaunt, Google I/O 2016. It is what I have always been thinking ever since I learned about Polymer back in 2014. Polymer was the […]

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Me at Google IO 16. Peace

The State of the Web in 2016 is Awesome

The people in the open source web community are my heroes, particularly those doing WordPress, Chrome, and open-source Web. They continuously amaze me with improvements that changes and re-energises the way we build the Web. There has not been any time as exciting as this year for me as a […]

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You don’t blog anymore, do you?

As a good web developer ought to do, I run sporadic checks on broken or obsolete links in my blog by analysing my error logs in Google Webmasters Tool. So it went that one of the pages reporting many invalid links was one of my posts about Sabahan bloggers gathering […]

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Wildcard DNS subdomain setting in cPanel

Migrating a single WordPress site to a multisite

Being a total bum when it comes to saving cost on web hosting and such, I decided to combine a couple of my existing WordPress sites onto a single account. Consider this as if you’re non-technically hacking the one-website-one-database only limitation on your webhosting service, by running multiple website instances, then using subdomains and […]

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My blog management strategies for 2016

I’m excited to start off this year with a renewed motivation to blog as much as possible. The past few years have been challenging for me on the blogging front, which I found surprising since I have never been more productive in my life. Everything took a drastic turn since […]

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What an awesome year

I can’t believe 2015 is already drawing to a close in just a couple of weeks. I made a brief recap of my year in a friends-only Facebook post of mine. TL;DR, I’ll just describe my year in one single word: wow. It’s not that everything was doing well for […]

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On blogging again and redefining web development

I’m back on my blog (yeah, right)! My last post was on September 2014. For someone who claims to love blogging, a year’s gap between blog posts sure doesn’t look like I walk the talk. The usual excuses apply. I don’t regret not updating my blog one bit. However, all […]

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