Akademi Fantasia 5: Concert 1 verdict

*Yawn* As I predicted since the announcement of the AF teaching faculty, ALL the students’ vocals were mediocre, and Cikgu Syafi has YET to DO ANYTHING with expanding their vocal talents. Someone just give her a slap on the head and GET HER TO DO WHAT SHE’S SUPPOSE TO DO! OK, I’ll just hold that thought for a while and go through my comments starting with:

Ebi at Akademi Fantasia 5 Concert 1
EBI: It breaks my heart to say this to a fellow Sabahan, but his facial mimic was all wrong for this song, and his voice and performance were pathetic. Ebi gave us a sample of his vocal prowess (or rather, lack thereof) in Diari AF week 1, but I still kept my fingers crossed hoping I was just hearing wrong. As soon as he started singing Sudirman’s “Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini” though, I right away wished that he would be the first person voted out of AF. And I was almost on the spot, if not for the fact that Diya screwed up her performance, and Zana pulled out at the last minute.

Candy at Akademi Fantasia 5 Concert 1
CANDY: I’m glad the members of the jury noticed Candy’s vocal tone, something that appealed to me as well when I first heard it through Tirai AF. Just like Ogy A.D., I couldn’t understand a word of English she said, but I can tell that she gave her best during her performance. If she’s given songs such as — oh, I don’t know — Joss Stone’s, I have a gut feeling that she may just amaze me (save for her English pronunciation). Candy was one of only TWO participants at this point to receive positive reviews from all three jury members.

Noni at Akademi Fantasia 5 Concert 1
NONI: You see, the major downside to Noni is that although she has good vocal tone, her range is very, very limited. Her performance tonight could have been OK, if not for her attempt to get the audience to join in (when you don’t have enough stage presence and confidence, an effort like this gets very lame). Her lack of maturity doesn’t help with her popularity either, but since she just got out of high school, I won’t bother saying much about that.

  • Based on the VT shown, Aswad has the potential to score this season as one of the top 3 winners of AF. I’m not betting on it just yet, since what was played was the studio version of his voice, not live singing.
  • Oh my God, I see another Mawi fanaticism coming in Heliza. If she was as polite, as intelligent, as pretty, as level-headed, and as mature as she was right now WITHOUT the tudung (veil), I wonder if she’ll still be as popular. In any case, if the AF teachers guide her well and if she heeds their advice, I don’t think anything should stop her from becoming the first ever AF female to win the top spot.
  • Dekna proves that her singing is not as pitchy as Mas AF2, LOL! Too bad Dekna’s voice doesn’t have the uniqueness that Mas has.
  • Speaking of AF teachers — after listening to their vocal performances, can you blame me for hating Cikgu Syafi?! Gah! I’m just so fed up with her! She failed to improve their vocal techniques last season, and she’s not faring any better this time. So it’s too early through this AF season, so what. Even Cikgu Adnan gave better advice than she did when it comes to vocal performances. Listen back to the voices of Mila, Heliza and Afiq to name a few; they have excellent voices, but they were very pitchy and they fail to exert power or sustain them — wouldn’t happen if Syafi did her job effectively. During their singing practices, it’s never enough to remind the students every minute on the importance of breathing, which Syafi doesn’t emphasize enough the way Siti Hajar did. Getting Cikgu Chedd involved in giving these students extra vocal exercises proves my point about Syafi’s ineffectiveness.

Bosan (bored), I tell you. The show and its people couldn’t match the intensity that was AF2 and AF3. So I wait, yet again, amidst the constant illnesses that are befalling Akademi Fantasia students, and hope that after concert number 2 there is something worthwhile to be excited about.

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