AdSense testing at ah, scrap it

I remembered now why I removed AdSense almost entirely out of this site — doing so actually increased my earnings! I truly forgot that is getting smart priced all this while, and when you have one site that’s being smart priced, the rest of the sites that are using your AdSense account can also be affected. You can read more about smart pricing at Griz’s money making site.

I mentioned how unfocused’s content is, which is the main reason why my blog isn’t earning as much. In February I noticed that I was earning in the single digits (and in cents, moreover) per day at first. The more AdSense ads I removed from however, the more I started to earn in the double digits through my arts and crafts site. Since I’m earning in the dollars, I’m not about to ruin my earnings now.

So goodbye again, AdSense. Well, not entirely. I’ll still have it in my games posts, and I would have removed them entirely by now if those darn pages didn’t have such high click-through rates of almost 15%.

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