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I know, I know. I swore off using AdSense last year. So why is it back in

Frequent visitors to my site may have noticed that posts in this site has been sporadic these past months. The reason is because I’ve only started to create niche sites that not only am I passionate about, but plan to monetize on. Lots of it failed, but I managed to flip them and get a few extra buck out of them. Still, I’ve finally hit the jackpot with one of my site that focuses on a pretty small arts and crafts niche, which is earning me about $6 in September, and has jumped to $27 in October.

Back to the matter of putting AdSense. The thing about’s traffic stats is that this site gets around 3,000 unique visits a month, with about 70 feed subscribers, and an 80% bounce rate. A bounce rate that low, for those of you who are not familiar with the term, means that out of 10 people who visit my site, 8 will never return. That’s pretty bad. Page views are about 1 to 2 pages per visit.

My stats on the new niche site of mine (note the word site, not blog) only recently gets around 3,000 unique visits a month, up from just about 60 uniques in July. It currently has 30 subscribers, half of it via e-mail, and a fantastic 35% bounce rate. Page views per person is at least 10 to 15 pages per visit. Isn’t that great?

However, due to the nature of that niche site, its earnings are pretty low. This blog, on the other hand, tends to get higher CTR even though page impressions are less than 50 (only my games-related posts have AdSense). Plus, being an IT / computer / technology blog of sorts means that there tends to be more high-paying advertisers in the market.

So I’m putting up ads back in to see exactly how AdSense earnings are influenced by this blog’s niche (which is a bit too broad for my liking) as well as the influence that the site’s stats has on the ads earning. After 6 months, I’ll be switching off the ads again, and make a comparison with my niche site to see what I can conclude from them. Please bear with the interruption as I research my way into this.

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