Abandoned games now downloadable free

Update: If you’re looking to download Bullfrog games, head over to Old School PC Games.

While downloading a mobile version of The Sims 2, I suddenly went nostalgic and had the itch to play two of my favourite DOS games from 10 years ago, Theme Hospital and SimTower. You can imagine how elated I am when I found that these games are now available for download, free! I downloaded Theme Hospital from Best Old Games, and got Sim Tower from Abandonia. Both of these sites have a huge collection of popular DOS-based games way back when, like Theme Park, Final Fantasy, SimCity, Bubble Bobble, Warcraft and Civilizations — all of them were must-installs in my dearly departed Pentium MMX powered PC.

Screen shot of Bullfrog's Theme Hospital splashscreen. Image from http://www.bestoldgames.net/eng/old-games/theme-hospital.php

The only challenge with playing these games on newer PCs is that they may not be compatible with your sound card. I downloaded DOSBox to see whether it solves the issue, and after an amount of tweaking, I did manage to get decent sounds coming out of the game.

If you do decide on downloading the games, maybe you can do those free download sites a favour like I did. Get a couple of sponsored posts on your blog, then donate your earnings to those sites.

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