A smart and foolish move with WordPress plugins

I have been working on two main things for the past two months — frantically doing sponsored posts, and fiddling with more WordPress plugins.

Installing the Math Comment Spam Protection has definitely been one of the smartest moves I’ve made with my blog. Not only was it easy to install, but the spam comments Akismet captured made a staggering drop from 50ish a day to only one every other day! Another good thing that comes with installing this plugin is that I don’t have to moderate my comments anymore, and my commenters can get the instant gratification of immediately seeing their comments posted. Now I have more time to bloghop and make more dough.

I didn’t pay much attention with the new features that were to be in WordPress 2.3, so I couldn’t help but curse myself when I found out — after upgrading to WP 2.3 — that the new version comes with a built-in tagging support. Sheesh, if I had known, I wouldn’t even bother installing Ultimate Tag Warrior two weeks prior. For the sake of supposedly improving my blog SEO, I had to endure some temporary brain cramps as I tried to understand why in the world I would need to activate three UTW plugins in my dashboard, and looked through the unending options I had to go through. I just find UTW to be a hassle, and ultimately my bad experience with UTW prompted me to remove it, and to stick to the simple tagging option.

I’ve only slowed down in my WordPress plugin tinkering this week (due to my next big plan on making money) — I should update the WordPress Plugin I Use page after this.

Update 18/Sep/2015: The WordPress Plugins I Use page has been removed.

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