5 ways to make an impact as a new employee

From Through the Eyes of a Recruiter, it basically highlights the following:

  1. Listen more than you talk.
  2. Network up and down your organization.
  3. Be a problem solver.
  4. Seek feedback.
  5. Don’t curb your enthusiasm.

I’d like to think that I practice all five of them whenever I’m in a new working environment. I’m especially fond of using tactic number 2, where I would even chat up with the cleaning ladies. Oh, the gossips and news you get from them can be really amazing. Not that I’m such a gossip monger or anything, but the info you get from them concerning what’s going on in a company can be dizzyingly accurate. It helps me at least to be alert and take action before any of my colleague would, and takes away the surprise element on any news I get after.

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