4 Sabahans selected for Akademi Fantasia 5 (2007)!

This has got to be the most Sabahans ever to be selected in Akademi Fantasia — if you’re considering Ekin of AF3 to be a Sabahan, get your geography right… even the people of Labuan don’t consider themselves as Sabahans, alright? I lived there during AF 3, I know. Our Sarawakian counterparts weeren’t so lucky — only one guy was selected. In any case, let’s hope their quality is any better than AF3 (no offense to Velvet and Lotter of AF4, but Marsha and Felix were waaaayyyy better).

But wait, did I count right? 16 total participants, instead of the usual 12? It’s interesting enough that Astro decided to premier AF three months early. I’m guessing that Akademi Fantasia will run a bit longer than its usual 2-month period, which means that our mobile and phone bills will be suffering for a while longer, hah!

Grabbed from Sultan Muzaffar’s site, here are the Sabahans selected for this season — Candy, Kadazan-Dusun from Tambunan; Ebi, Malay from KK; Farha, Bajau from KK; and Noni, Sino-Malay from KK. Is it just me, or doesn’t Noni in the picture look a bit like the AF guest judge and One In A Million judge Syafinaz? Candy, in the meantime, reminds me of Nikki from Malaysian Idol, but I could be wrong ’cause I don’t watch Malaysian Idol much. Coincidentally, these two hails from the same hometown.

AF5, Candy from Sabah AF5, Ebi from Sabah AF5, Farha from Sabah AF5, Noni from Sabah


Malaysian Idol Season 1 - Nikki AF judge, Syafinaz Selamat

I’m gonna check with my little sister Laura later, and see if she knows any of them.

Trivia: My uncle’s niece is Marsha AF3, who is a cousin of Linda AF2. Rich AF3 is a former classmate of my sister Laura, and Velvet AF4 is my relative (his dad came by my mom’s batik shop in Tuaran during AF4 to buy some stuff… and to lobby for Velvet, indirectly of course, hahah!). You know, when you’re a Dusun living in Sabah, you have relatives everywhere.

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