3 guidelines for selecting paid blogging assignments

3 guidelines for selecting paid blogging assignments.Other than affiliate programs, I find that paid-to-blog programs to be an excellent online money-making venture. You benefit more when your site is generic (not a niche) and when you have a Google PageRank (PR), which most paid blogging use to value your site; the higher the site’s PR, the more assignment choice you have and the higher pay you get for each post.

With that comes a small problem that I face every single time — which post should I accept first? And believe me, a lot of time I do find it hard to decide. Here’s my three simple guidelines for selecting the assignments that have saved me a lot of time, effort and headache.

1. Do posts with the shortest minimum words. This is my favourite tactic, due to the fact that it takes me the least amount of effort to come up with ideas on what to talk about. I blog this way a lot for my PayPerPost and Payu2blog assignments. I usually finish up my Blogsvertise assignments sooner too, because of its low 75-word minimum limit which is a piece of cake.

2. Do posts that pay the soonest. Smorty and Payu2blog seem to be the fastest and most consistent when it comes to payment, therefore when opting for posts to get the most buck the soonest, I would finish up assignments by both this programs. Also, it’s always nice to see money credited into my PayPal account ever so frequently.

3. Do posts that pay the most. To be honest, I don’t often put this guideline to use, because most higher-paying assignments would require a higher minimum of at least 200 words and the topics are sometimes just not worth it. However, it would be such a waste as some of the effort per post in LoudLaunch and PayPerPost can be payable for as much as $15 to $20 per post, equalling four times the effort to do Payu2blog assignments. I finish up my LoudLaunch assignment specifically for the high payment.

I’m sure you go through some selection method with your paid blogging too. How do you do it? Let me know!

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